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Any hope of getting the five rings novel?

Excellent collection!

Can you add some books by Yagyu Munenori, one book is called the way of the living sword (great philosophy on the way of the samurai during Edo period around 400 years old)? Also the book Bushido the way of the samurai by Yamamoto Tsunetomo (very old book on philosophy of samurai). Looking forward to more of your updates.

Good for a buck

For 99c its a good deal but there are a lot of typos and spelling mistakes. Could be more professional looking.

Very Meditative

It puts me in a good space, - very zen in my opinion, and I think it is beautifully done, and I enjoy it when I want quiet moments to just enter another world


I love it! I love it! Please keep adding new titles! Great deal of knowledge for such a small price. Thanks a lot!

5 Star

Very good! The app is well formatted and the books are just great. Well worth the dollar.

The best of the best way to go keep up the good work we need more apps like these ones thank you

Thank you very much guys

Very soothing

Very soothing

help please

why wont this app open at all??

All my favorite books in one place

This app is great, I read all these books a couple a times a month, so cant beat having them all under one app, thank you great additions to this collection would be the Hagakure and the Art Of Peace


This is great :)

Nice App.

Great book choices for anyone who wants the core of Asian writings to start with.

Simple And Deep Wisdom

A collection of books that could and should be read over and over again. Each reading brings about deeper understanding.


Good app I love eastern philosophy hope you have more updates and books to looking forward to then keep up the great work.

Wonderful app - very calming reading

For those of you who understand and appreciate the Tao, get this app and enjoy.

Love it!

Exactly what I wanted when i ordered the app. Thanks guys for a great collection



Good collection, easy access

Though I do wish you could mark or make your own collection.

What I need

Nice app good selection of wisdom


The essential reference to the great classics of Asian literature.

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